Eyelash Extensions Glue Advanced Ultra Bond Plus

Eyelash Extensions Glue Advanced Ultra Bond Plus



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Professional Eyelash Extensions Glue/ Adhesive for Individual Eyelash Extensions - Sky Super

 High Odor / Fume

 Setting Time: 1 Second

 Durability: 6-7 Weeks

 Color: Glossy Black

 Size: 5ml / 5g

 Origin: Made In Korea


Proper training from an eyelash extension professional is highly recommended.

Wipe off excess glue around tip to prevent cap from drying closed.

Keep out of reach from children. Keep away from sunlight and heat. 

Keep in refrigerator(3-7C) or somewhere cooler than room temperature for a longer shelf life. 

Furthermore, never place glue nearby primer.


1. Never touch the glue or remover to your client's skin. 

2 Tap your bottle in an upright position when you're done for the day to help dislodge any adhesive that may remain in the tip

3. Store glue in a cool and dry location with cap tightly closed. Use within 2 months of opening

4. Glue can be stored in the refrigerator. Remove 1/2 hr before using.

 5. Keep out of reach from children

6. If glue or remover should enter the eyes flush immediately with water or saline solution. If extreme redness or discomfort occurs they should see a physician immediately

7. When in treatment there may be a short period where you may feel your eyes sore and teary but once the glue is solidified this feeling will disappear. 

Note: the best temperature for eyelash extension is 25-28 degrees calicos with humidity of RH 50-70%


1.Start out with cleaning and refreshing the face and the eyelashes, using non-oil cleaner and protein remover. (we have it in our store )

2. Shake the glue well and apply one drop on a surface (can be small glass surface). Close the glue very well to avoid drying.

 3. After 3min primer dried, you can start to work with applied eyelashes. 

4. Never work with your client's eyes open by eye patch or medical tape. 

5. Use glue in a well ventilated room and be sure to clear any fumes with a fan or air blower

6. Do not get lashes wet in order to let the glue to dry thoroughly Avoid hot steam from the shower and sauna

7. Avoid oil-based cleaners, lotion or eye makeup removers and do not use waterproof mascara. 

 If you use glue fortifier, the speed of solidification will increase, so it'll prevent whitening effect and the time of treatment will be shorter.