High quality natural mink individual eyelash extension mixed tray

High quality natural mink individual eyelash extension mixed tray

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Mink Mixed Length Classic Width Eyelash Extensions

 Ilashrepublic offers 20 ROWS of lashes, most other lash companies only offer 12!

 Even if you are not born with the drop-dead gorgeous lashes of your dreams, you can have them with the professional application of our Mink Mixed Length Classic Width Eyelash Extensions. These amazing lashes have the look and feel of real mink but are handmade of durable poly-fiber to outlast other extensions. The material will not lose its curl nor fade, ensuring a long-lasting finish. Faux mink lashes are also less likely to cause an allergic reaction, making them a great choice for sensitive eyes. When professionally applied by a lash artist, these faux mink eyelash extensions are nearly indistinguishable from the real thing.

  Product Features:

·       16 rows of lashes in each tray

·       Each tray includes approximates 4000 lashes

·       Available in true black color

·       Available curl type: C or D

·       Available widths: from 0.05 to 0.25

·       Rows include the following lengths: 7mmX2, 8mmX2, 9mm x2, 10mm x3, 11mm x3, 12mm x3, 13mmX2, 14mmX2, 15mmX1

·       Single/individual lashes best used for Classic lashes

·       For professional use only

With these mink eyelash extensions, you can customize your lashes to suit your tastes, from simple to standout. They are a breeze for a professional lash artist to apply and are easy to care for with a gentle touch. With a variety of widths, you can match the extensions to the thickness and strength of your clients’ lashes for a better result. Go for bold and sensational with our faux mink extensions.